1) Drawing with the creativity of the right side of the brain - pencil,           black and white 

If you think you can't draw - think again. Learning to draw is about learning how to see things differently to our normal everyday 'seeing'. You don't have to have been with an extraordinary talent to draw - any of us can learn to draw with the proper instruction. Drawing with the creativity of the right side of the brain has been shown to be the most effective method of teaching people to draw. 

Why not give yourself the gift of four days of dedicated time to learn a new skill that you will have for life and is sure to bring you much pleasure. Learning to draw boosts your confidence and will make you feel more creativity - with all the knock-on benefits that will bring in your personal and professional life.

In our 4 days workshop you will learn the five basic perceptual skills of drawing. These are:

  1. The perception of edges
  2. The perception of spaces
  3. The perception of relationships
  4. The perception of lights and shadows
  5. The perception of the whole, or gestalt

Once you have mastered these skills you will have the skills to draw landscapes, portraits, the human figure and still lifes. 

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me here. 

2) Drawing with the creativity of the right side of the brain- in color

Over the 4 days you will learn the basics of color theory, know the symbolism of the colors and the magical world of colors:

  1. The basics of color mixing
  2. How all the colors of the rainbow can be created from the three primary colors?
  3. The subtleties of color shading
  4. The harmonious use of colors
  5. and then ... we practice what we have learned

The students have the opportunity to try a variety of artistic drawing and painting tools:

  1. Colored pencil
  2. Aquarell
  3. Aquarell pencil
  4. Pastel crayon
  5. Pastel pencil
  6. Acrilyc 

The prerequisite for participation in the course in color is the previous completion of the basic course (pencil, black and white).

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me here.